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    FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application

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    FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application Empty FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application

    Post by xSOViiET on Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:27 pm

    FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application Untitled-1-1

    Genral Rules and Requirements

    -First and foremost no multi clanning/hopping.

    -The Clan tag is [FUBR] or [FBAR] and should be worn at all times during your time with FUBAR GAMING.

    -Our members are committed to make at least Five posts on our forums every week. If you go on holidays or are going to be away for that week, let your team leader know. We understand that you have other commitments, however a quick message to let someone know what’s going on will only take you 2 minutes and YOUR team won’t be let down. If you do not log in to the forums for a two week period without prior notice you will be considered MIA and removed from the forums.

    -We are only accepting applications to join Fubar Gaming from prospective members 14 years and older.

    -We all like to goof around, however immature behaviour will not be tolerated. We are doing our best to create a great environment for you to have fun, so be considerate of others and they will do the same for you. Also, respect other members backgrounds, whether it be race, religion, sex or otherwise. If you break this rule, guess what? We’ll show you the curb, and fast!

    -No cursing or swearing at other members under any circumstance. This should be common sense, however it has been a problem in the past and will not be tolerated here.

    -Please make sure that you add all of the members in your Platoon to your ‘Friends List’, especially those you play the most with. It is the responsibility of the new recruit to add the existing members, not the other way around.

    Forum Rules

    -No spamming

    Spamming; the act of posting off-topic posts and other worthless material. Small one-worded posts that don't really contribute to the discussion will not be tolerated. If you have nothing useful to say, then don't say it. Flooding the forum by replying to every or almost every single thread is also counted as spamming.

    -No Flaming

    Flaming; the act of yelling at someone or putting them down. Flaming will not be tolerated and shouldn't happen at all, no matter what the situation is. Typing in all caps can be counted as flaming, as to it's "yelling" on the internet. You can still use all caps, just don't use them the wrong way. If you don't agree with someone or despise something that they did, either reply nicely, or do it through PM.

    -No Advertising

    Advertising is the act of posting a website of yours, your friend's, or somebody else's and telling people to go there. Why is this not allowed? Because if I let one person do it, then another person will do it, then another, and so on. This forum would end up in a wreck if everybody advertised.

    -No Double Posting

    Double posting; the act of posting after another post you have made. If you want to add on to your current post, you can use the 'Edit' feature on the bottom right side of your post. But, some exceptions can be made in things such as graphic contests, Moderator's Corner, or any other important threads.

    -No Memberating

    You are not the moderator. So don't act like one. Telling people what to do is a branch of memberating. If someone is doing something that they shouldn't be doing, like flaming or spamming, instead of memberating, simply report their post and the moderator will take care of it. Requesting closure to a thread that you have not created is also considered memberating. Only the author of the thread may request closure.

    We have a warning system in place represented on your profile by a "Warning Bar" each rule break will result in your warning bar being decreased. Once your warning bar has been depleted you will be banned. Now the Ban length is @ the discretion of the Generals and the severity of the offence. If you have had your warning level decreased you will be given the chance to prove yourself over a two week period. If you can show that you can be a valuable member of the community and can listen to instruction your warning will be revoked.

    These rules have been put in place for your safety and enjoyment during your time here. If the offence is considered serious enough you will be removed without hesitation. The admins retain the right to amened or include new rules when we see fit.


    FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application Sig11
    FUBAR GAMING RULES ~ Please read before making an application 3rd-Prestige

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